Our Beer

Revival Brewcade is a 4BBL nano brewery that packs a lot of punch.

Our goal is to provide a rotational selection of craft beers focusing on hop-centric flavourful IPAs, traditional style beers and experimentals.

We also hand select and serve other hyper-local crafted beers from our friends around Alberta.

For the non-beer folks, we offer a selection of wine, spirits, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks including speciality sodas


On Tap - Updated Nov 5th, 2019

* Our beers are always on rotation. We try and keep the website as updated as possible. We usually tap new beer every week! Please visit for availability. *

Fido Dido Lemon Lime Sour - 5.6%

We added a ton of lime peels in the boil followed by agenerous dry hopping of Lemon Drop hops. Dry and sour, this finishes like a 7up.

NEW - Patty the Blurry Sasquatch Pale Ale  - 6.3%

This new hazy pale ale in made with all local malts and a hefty helping of Sasquatch Hops.  Citrusy and refreshing this limited beer won't be around long.

Oh Bother! Honey Blonde - 5.1%

An easy drinking blonde ale that is malty and slightly sweet on the palette but finishes dry. Notes of floral, honey and toasted malts.

NEW - Samsquantch Dry Hopped Cider - 6.5%

So...apparently we have a thing with Sasquatch.  Fermented at Sunnycider, and Dry Hopped by Justin this Cider definitely tastes like a Revival creation.  Dry and hoppy, just how we like it.

Mana Beast (Can Only) - 7.1%

The Mana Beast is the final boss, It’s the most powerful dragon, it’s the most satisfying to conquer.  One could say the same about the Mana Beast IPA. Named after the last boss in Secret of Mana (Obvi) this IPA packs a punch.  Almost a double at 7% ABV the citra hops stand out as the driver and the finisher. This is the IPA to end the night and the game.

2019 Unity Brew (can only) - 5.5%

Made by Alberta Brewers in support of the Alberta Small Brewers Association this Hazy Pale is as hazy as it is refreshing.  You can even take it to go!

Come and Knock on our Door IPA - 7.2%

An American IPA made with 3 hops and 3 malts (so witty, we know).  The hops include Simcoe, Azacca and Mosaic.  This fall IPA has a pleasantly light low alcohol warmth followed by a light, sweet honey dry finish.

Jean Claude Van Damn Belgian Saison - 5.6%

This Belgian Saison is a classic recipe with a twist.  Notable esters from the yeast give it a Bubble Gum aroma.  In addition we added Coriander and Sweet Orange peel.  Then dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops.  Finishes nice and dry, just like JCVD himself.

'Let Me See That Tootsie Roll' Stout  - 4.6%

Our special Halloween Stout is a throwback Stout to English Malts and Halloween candy.  Justin individually unwrapped 500 Tootie Rolls and added them to the boil.  This compliments the English Malts creamy chocolate and caramel flavors.  

NEW - Make Love, Not Warheads Sour  - 5.1%

A Lennon and Yoko inspired kettle sour - It's super sour but was sweetened with a heavy dose of Passion Fruit.  

Upcoming Beers

Pineapple Princess Milkshake IPA 

Ain't No Sin Stout - A collaboration with Jane Bond BBQ


Previous Releases

Conceptual Continuity IPA - 6.8%

Made with 100% Zappa hops. This neo-mexicanus hop gives pine and stone fruit flavours and aromas.

His name was Jason - 7.1%

Version 2 of our Blood Orange IPA. A generous amount of blood oranges were added along with Citra hops. Notes or citrus, orange. Slightly sweet but finishes dry.

Magically Delicious Breakfast Milk Stout

Special release for St. Patrick's day. A light easy drinking milk stout.

Pinhead Robust Porter

A american style porter that is more hoppy than its cousin. Chocolate, subtle roast and clean bitterness is the focus here.

Carla Tortelli New England Pale Ale

A new england pale ale made with Amarillo, Bru-1, Citra, Ekuanot, and Mosaic hops.

Love-cup Strawberry Mint Sour

A kettle sour with straberries and mint added to the fermenter.

Flight of the Galaxy IPA

Single hopped IPA with Galaxy hops.

Slama IPA

A single hopped IPA with Mosaic.

A.E. Neuman Pale Ale

A single hopped pale ale with Huell Melon.

Such is Mango! Pale Ale

Huell Melon single hopped pale ale with mango puree.

Boysen the Hood

A dark wheat ale, almost porter-like, that we added Boysenberry fruit. Its chocolatey roasted with berry fruit.

Hop Tart Sour II

Dry hopped again with Cashmere but with Kviek Yeast.

Relic West Coast IPA - 6.8%

Citrus, pine and a little bit of dank makes up this West Coast IPA.

Hop Tart Sour Dry Hopped w/ Cashmere - 6.2%

A easy drinking crisp sour with a light touch of dry hops. Strawberry and melon flavours.

Peachy Keen Wheat Ale - 5.8%

Peaches, apricot and lactose give this wheat beer fruitiness.

Cliff Claven NEPA - 5.8%

A New England Pale ale brewed with Citra, Amarillo, Idaho 7 and Ekuanot Cryo.

Hi Fi Double Pale - 6.6%

A high gravity pale ale made with Centennial, Cascade and Columbus hops.

Surround Sound Pale Ale - 6.1%

A classic pale ale made with Centennial and Columbus hops.

Stayin' Alive Session Pale - 3.9%

A collab with our friends at Red Bison. This session pale was brewed to keep the yeast alive.

Hop Tart Sour - 5.8%

A refreshing kettle sour dry hopped with Cashmere and Belma.


NORM! NEPA - 6.1%

A New England Pale ale brewed with Citra and Bru-1.

Banana Board Blonde - 5.1%

No bananas in this. Just an easy drinking blonde ale!

Coco Beware West Coast Stout - 6.8%

Now entering the ring at 6.8% ABV with an IBU of 56. Hailing from the Brewery Flats we present a new challenger! Chocolate, hops and roast.

Pinhead Porter - 4.4%

We met the Calgary Stampede City Pinball crew a few years ago. Their love of pinball is a parallel to the passion and work ethic of the Calgary craft brewing community. The love of the game, the hours of work that go into restoring and bringing something to life is something brewing and pinball definitely have in common. For that, pinball enthusiasts, the English Style Pinhead Porter is for you, friends!  Cheers!

Darkside of the Mild - 3.5%

Its themes explore conflict, greed, time, and mental illness, Dark Side of the Moon may be one of Pink Floyds’ most prolific works.  With the the tragic loss of of a team mates friend we decided to keep Mental Health on the forefront of the themes of Dark Side of the Mild, with $1 from every pint sold going to Mental Health.  We hope that you will join the fight too. 

That's not a Knife Auzzie Ale - 5.4%

Our take on an Australian Sparkling ale, made with 100% Alberta malts from Origin Malting. Clean, Crisp, Light Esters.

Be Cooler If You Did - 7%

Our first IPA from our brewery is a well balanced West Coast style IPA. Sitting at a groovy 7%. A hopped sensation. Berries, melon, pineapple.


Boyfriends Back Blonde - 5.5%

Easy drinking blonde ale with light malt sweetness and floral notes.

The Revival Hazy Pale Ale - 5.5%

The first release on the nano system. Made with cashmere and mosiac hops. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit, followed by clean malt backbone.